1953 Vagabond 35

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1953 Vagabond 35

1953 Vagabond 35

I bought this 1953 35' Vagabond in October of 2003, this was my first vintage travel trailer and also my longest.

This trailer is what is called a park model that was designed with all the amenities of a small home to be moved as needed to follow better weather or better jobs. This particular trailer was sold new from a dealer in Clearwater FL named C. J. Stoll in late 1953. The couple that purchased the trailer lived in it for only a few years and then put it in covered storage where it remained until 1987. The trailer was purchased at this time after several years of trying by my friend Stuart E. from Lakeland FL.

After some cleaning and dusting it became apparent to Stuart that what he had was a like new 1953 Vagabond.

The trailer needed paint and new tires and that was about it, none of the birch panels have been replaced.Even the curtains appear original, as are all appliances, light fixtures and well just about everything else. The upholstery and floor covering have been replaced.

The trailer weighs close to 8000 lbs and I have camped in it from California to the Florida Keys to Central Michigan.

Quite a show both on the road and at camp.

Henry Wallace

Vagabond bathroom 1a
Vagabond Bathrooma
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